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$ 200 Small Car
  • Add $30 For Medium Car
  • Add $80 For Large Car
  • Add $120 For X-Large Car
Paint correction service cairns

Paint Correction Cairns

When your brand new car leaves the factory it has a perfect and shiny coating of paint.  From the very first drive there is general wear and tear that occurs that reduces the aesthetic appeal of your paint, and also the protection it provides to the body of your car.

Scratches and blemishes may appear on the paintwork without your knowledge.  There are many reasons for the advanced ageing of your coatings, some reasons could be from:

  • Bird Droppings
  • Twigs/branches 
  • Tree Sap from parking under trees
  • Tar from Roadworks
  • Rocks kicked up from other vehicles
  • Living close to the ocean (sea spray)

Employing the right tools, using an intricate process and premium chemicals the best technicians can correct the scratches and swirls caused by environmental factors.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our addon prices for polishes start at $200 for a small car, add;

  • $30 for a Medium Car.
  • $80 for a Large Car.
  • $120 for an Extra Large Car.

What We Do

Depending on your unique vehicle’s paintwork we begin a 2 to 4 stage paint correction process using a high gloss polishing machine partnered with top quality chemical compounds.

Our experienced team will draw from years of accumulated knowledge to remove blemishes and imperfections from car paintwork.

You will be happy with how your car looks after it undergoes our multi-stage process.

Removing Scratches

Our scratch management procedure is designed to only use the most aggressive abrasives necessary. We aim to preserve the existing paintwork which takes finesse and patience.

Removal of Haze, Swirls and Buff Marks

These are superficial marks and imperfects that demand a finer compound with minimal abrasives.  This is a top layer local treatment that will only remove minimal layers of coating.  The results of this process are very impressive and well worth doing.

How long this step takes depends on the standard your paintwork is currently at.


Once the process is finalised, all exterior areas treated are washed thoroughly to remove compounds.  Finally, a sealing compound is applied to retain the sparkle finish and to also protect the paintwork from damage in the future.

How To Tell If Your Car Requires Paint Correction Services

In direct sunlight, your vehicle’s paintwork may appear full or faded.  The bonnet is the easiest place to see blemishes and swirls.  Changing the angle that you are looking at the paint so that the light ‘dances’ over the paintwork will reveal the story of where your paintwork is currently at.

Some vehicles will not require a full polish, we can advise you upon sighting your paintwork to see where you are specifically at.  For isolated imperfections, we can focus on only that area.

Why Choose Us?

Our team has decades of accumulated knowledge in Paint Corrective services.  We have thousands of satisfied customers and great ratings on the top platforms.

We love our community in Cairns and value our part in this lovely city.

Get in contact today to find out how we can assist you to keep your investment looking great.

Paint Correction Cairns

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Paint Correction Cairns