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Full Detail

$ 450 Small Car
  • Add $40 For Medium Car
  • Add $80 For Large Car
  • Add $100 For X-Large Car
Best Car Detailing Cairns

Full Car Details

Full Detail

What is included in a Full Car Detail?

Everything that is included in a Mini Detail:

  • Hand Wash & Wax 
  • Chamois dry 
  • Door jams cleaned
  • Interior areas and mats vacuumed
  • Dash console and all interior cleaned/treated
  • Windows cleaned 
  • Tyres and mudflaps dressed 
  • Fragranced.


  • Exterior undergoes clay-bar treatment to remove ferrous particles
  • Coating of professional wax applied to retain spotless shine for longer
  • Full detail of in-car instruments, gauges, vents, consoles, foot pedals etc
  • Hard to reach areas are accessed with a steam gun to remove dust etc
  • Upholstery and carpets are treated to a premium shampoo
  • Interior/Exterior plastics, tyres, bar work etc are detailed and treated

These days there are more customers searching for specialised and boutique car detailers that go beyond ‘wax cafes’ that are mainly aimed at time-constrained people.  The aim of car detailers like ourselves is to have your car looking BETTER than when it rolled off the production line and was sitting in a showroom.

Our services take great time and care, using the best materials and finesse to complete the job.  The results speak for themselves as we have a growing list of satisfied customers that return regularly. 

We are passionate about cars and live and breathe car detailing as a profession.  Speak to us today to find out how we can help you.

How Much Does a Full Detail Cost?

Full Car Details start at $450 for a small car, add

  • $40 extra for Medium Car
  • $80 extra for Large Car
  • $100 extra for an Extra Large Car

Why Get a Full Car Detail?

Your Pride & Joy

A full car detail restores your pride and joy back to its original showroom condition.  You’ve spent your whole life dreaming of buying a certain car, now you get to live the dream.  What better way to enjoy that dream than driving a freshly detailed car off our premises.

Work Requirement

Some of our regular clients are salesmen and women who visit their customer’s locations.  They want to have a great looking car when they turn up and see clients.  It gives them confidence plus their customers have confidence in them as they know the work that goes into having a freshly cleaned vehicle.

Showroom Condition

Other clients are one-off users of our services.  For example, people who are attending a wedding and want their car looking the best it can.

Protect Your Investment

An important consideration is resale value in the future. A great maintenance schedule pays dividends in the future when it comes time to sell your vehicle.

Presale Detail Clean

Is it time to let go of your vehicle? A glossy and sparkling car virtually sells itself.  Let us help you prepare your car to hit the market and sell quickly and at a higher price compared to others who have not taken that extra step.

How Long Does a Full Detail Take?

As every car is different and each car’s paint is at a varying stage it is best to talk to one of our team and get an individual time frame indication.

When we have completed a Full Detail is the best time to talk to us about our Ceramic Coatings.  These coating options will have your car looking its best for longer.  Speak to our team to find out how we can assist.

Best Car Detailing Cairns

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